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Paper Registration

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Registration For Virtual Workshops

If you are attending a single workshop, please register online at least 24 hours in advance. 
Become a package member, and receive access to all seven workshops for 2020-2021!   


Payments Are Completed Through Paypal

There are many benefits to becoming a package member of LIAOSA, including:
  • Network with colleagues and learn from master teachers
  • Access to a comprehensive video library
  • Opportunities to apply for a scholarship toward Orff Levels training at Hofstra University each summer
  • Barred and percussion instrument rental for use in your classroom between workshops
  • Notes provided for all workshops - even if you didn't attend (see Corresponding Secretary) 

In-Service Credit
If your school district will honor your time spent at LIAOSA for in-service credit, please indicate your requirement for an in-service certificate. After the last session of the school year, the Membership Chairperson will total the hours attended and issue an in-service certificate for you to present to your school district, or to the state for professional development requirements. Please sign in to each workshop before 10am, and sign out at 2pm. Each workshop is worth 5 hours, but only 2.5 can be given if you do not sign out!

Graduate Credit
One graduate credit is available per semester (3 workshops per semester, not including the sharing session). Interested members must register before the start of each semester. In addition, there is a $40 fee for LIAOSA members wishing to receive graduate credit who are not full-time Hofstra students. 

Prospective graduate students are invited to apply online for nonmatriculated studies using this link here, which is available at under Start your Graduate Application > Graduate Application > Nonmatriculated Study.

Once in the application, students will select Orff Schulwerk Training from a drop down of “majors” (as opposed to General Nonmatriculated Studies) and the only document needed for the purpose of the application is a copy of either a master’s degree transcript or bachelor’s degree transcript.  From there, Hofstra processes the admission and will follow up with students to complete registration forms via email.

If you have any questions about registering for graduate credit, please contact:

Victoria Kobel, Assistant Director of Hofstra Graduate School of Education Recruitment.  

Phone: 516-463-4885